No-Fuss Plants for Your Yard

Make your gardening easier by choosing plants that are easy to care for and make a big impact!  These low-maintenance plants make your landscape no-fuss, so you can spend time doing something besides yard work all weekend.

Trees and Shrubs:

  1. The small to medium Hawthorn tree can tolerate pollution, shade and drought.
  2. Evergreen Juniper shrubs are super easy to maintain, and grow low and wide.
  3. Hostas, with their large leaves, will work in just about any zone, in any light, and will return every year.

Ground Covers:

  1. Liriope has larger grass-like blades and purple flowers in summer. It tolerates shade and drought and is even evergreen in mild climates. Great for hard-to-mow areas.
  2. Ornamental grasses of all kinds, add texture and color to your landscaping without a lot of fuss. They tolerate full sun or shade, hot climates, and even drought. Block off an area with these.
  3. Creeping thyme not only smells wonderful, it’s edible and only needs occasional watering.


  1. Try Hardy Geraniums and they’ll come back year after year. They come in several colors.
  2. Lots of shade? Hydrangeas, which are actually a perennial flowering shrub, make huge flower groupings and come in several different colors.
  3. Lavender, in many varieties, is drought tolerant and can grow large enough to create a fragrant hedge in your garden.