Types of Lighting Explained

Lightbulbs are all the same, aren’t they? Not at all! Different kinds of lighting can make a room feel warm and friendly or cold and clinical. Lighting can make you feel optimistic or even calm; it can direct you or set a mood. Here is a quick guide to the different types of light bulbs you can choose for your home.

The cheapest option, if you can still find them. They emit warm light. They offer the least amount of hours of use, and are not the most energy-efficient option.

The most long-lasting and energy efficient of all the light bulb choices, LED light bulbs are typically used for task lighting, but not for overall room lighting.

These are the long bulbs you see in offices. Fluorescent bulbs emit a colder, flatter light that can sometimes seem harsh. Their ability to light up large spaces is why they are typically used in garages and attics. These bulbs last longer than incandescent lights, and can come in warmer tones.

Halogen looks the most like natural light — emitting neutral white light. They are more energy efficient than Incandescent, but also more expensive. These are great for specific task lighting like under cabinets or focused pendant lights.

Lighting in your home typically falls into three functions: general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Decide what each room in your home requires and choose the best option!