Bathroom Trends for 2022

If 2022 is the year to redo your bathroom, then this list will inspire you! Several new trends are starting to surface that will compliment your tastes, sooth you with serenity, and make your bathroom your new favorite room in the house.

• Home Spa: Why go to a spa, when you can create one in your own home? With natural materials gaining popularity and soaker tubs taking over, it’s easy to see that people want to indulge, get away and relax in their bathrooms. To complete this aesthetic, keep the bathroom as clutter free as possible. Simplicity is the key to calm.

• Everything Old is New Again: Vintage is in! Turn an old piece of furniture like a desk, sideboard or table into a beautiful sink vanity by adding a marble countertop and double sinks. Instead of a linen closet, opt for an armoire. Vintage light fixtures or mirrors can add personality and character.

• Bring the Outside In: In addition to the popularity of adding plants to any and every room of the house, the bathroom offers a unique venue for natural materials like wood or stone. Plants will purify the air, and natural materials like eco-friendly bamboo flooring are extremely durable and pest-resistant, as well as easy to maintain. 

• Black and White: The hottest new fixtures in bathroom design for 2022 are matte black. Refined, classic and very sophisticated these simple but stunning design elements compliment white marble, glass or tile. Black and white bathroom design is classic and timeless.