Celebrating Family in New Ways

You can make your own new family traditions this year, to celebrate your family being together for the holidays. In addition to the traditional big family meals, or decorating of the tree, here are some fun ideas that you can try, and then adopt as a new way to celebrate YOUR family.

Make Something Together

  1. Friday after Thanksgiving, everyone gets a blank white glass tree ornament. Decorate them easily with permanent markers, and each person’s design then gets hung on the tree when you put it up.
  2. Cut out paper snowflakes for every pane of glass in your front windows. Each one will be unique, just like your family.
  3. Make your first batch of holiday cookies the weekend after Thanksgiving to usher in the holiday season. Every child can help decorate cookies with their own festive designs using frosting, sprinkles, and candies.
  4. Everyone in your family can make a holiday card for grandma, an elderly neighbor, or a favorite teacher.

Enjoy Something Together

  1. Pick everyone’s favorite holiday themed movie, and watch each one as a family on special nights during the month of December — add in a favorite holiday snack to go with each movie.
  2. Pull all the holiday books off your child’s bookshelf, or visit the library and check out some holiday books. Read one every night before bedtime to get everyone excited about the impending holiday!
  3. Find a holiday lights drive, or walking tour.