Checklist for Using Less Energy

Summer time is the time when everyone’s AC is running, and energy usage is top of mind. How can you possibly use less energy right now? Keep your temperature (and your bills) lower with a few tips from this energy efficiency checklist!

  1. Install protective exterior window coverings to keep heat from the sun to a minimum, and caulk any leaks around windows to keep cool air in
  2. Make sure you have adequate insulation in your attic area to cut down on the heat hitting your living space
  3. Change your air filter, and get an HVAC check-up to make sure all systems are go for warm weather
  4. Add a programmable thermostat to control your energy usage by setting up times for your system to power up or down based on when you’re home
  5. Hose down your AC condenser (with the power off) to make sure its clean and functioning properly
  6. On cooler days, open the windows on opposite sides of the house for a cross breeze instead of running your air conditioner
  7. Set your ceiling fans to spin the opposite way – the blades should spin counterclockwise to push air down
  8. Turn off lights and appliances that are not being used, and unplug appliances and electronics
  9. Only run full loads of laundry and dishes, and never during the heat of the day
  10. Skip the oven in the summer, and find alternative ways to cook that won’t heat the house