Converting a Bedroom into a Home Office

If you’re working from home or running a small business from your home, a home office is essential. A place where you can actually shut the door and have separation from the rest of your life at home makes a big difference in your productivity. So if your house has an extra bedroom, you’ve got the perfect place to put your new home office.

You’ll need a desk, chair and storage as minimum elements in the room. A dining room table or sofa table can even serve as a desk. Position the desk facing the window. You won’t want direct sunlight coming in and glaring on your computer screen! Pull the desk and chair together visually with a rug under your desk. This will also protect your floor from your chair’s movements.

Since bedrooms usually have a closet, you’ve got a built-in storage room in your new home office! Store most of your supplies in here to keep your office room as clutter-free as possible. Add shelves and filing cabinets right in the closet. This is also a good place for your printer.

You can design your home office to not only be an office, but it can remain as a guest sleeping room if need be. Keep a day bed, a sleeper sofa or futon in your home office, and it can serve dual purposes, while offering extra seating during the day when it’s an office.