Crafts for Kids During Holiday Break

Keeping kids happy and busy during the holiday break can be a challenge. Adding a daily craft to do together can be a fun way to spend this time away from school, having fun and making something to remember this year. Here are 3 easy ideas for crafts to do with kids during their holiday break that are not too difficult to accomplish.

  1. Pine Cone Trees — Everyone can have fun painting a pine cone to look like a tiny tree. After painting your pinecone green, add white on the tips of the “branches” for snow, or tiny red spots for berries. Glue the pinecone to a small flat piece of wood as a base, and this lovely item can serve as a placeholder for someone at your holiday feast.
  2. Popsicle Snowflakes — Start by enjoying a few popsicles until you’ve saved up 4 popsicle sticks each. Glue them into a starburst shape with 8 points, converging in the center. Paint your snowflake white, or in a color you like. Glue on glitter or other shiny decorations to make it sparkle, and then glue a yarn loop to one point to hang it up.
  3. Little Snowmen — Use toilet paper or paper towel rolls as the basis for your snowman. Paint the roll white if it is not already white. Draw on a face and decorate him with tiny stick arms, pom-pom pipe cleaner ear muffs, and a small ribbon as a scarf.