Dining Room Trends for 2022

Whatever your dining style, your dining room has no doubt been a place to eat, to study, to have meetings or do homework. Focus on making 2022 the year of your dining room! From no color to lots of color, simple to complex, make your dining room work more efficiently — and beautifully — for you with one of these trends:

  1. White on White: Add calm to the chaos with soothing white on every surface.
  2. Multifunctional Furniture: If this room is doing double or triple duty for your family, go the extra mile with a table converts to a desk, or bench seating with hidden storage.
  3. Bring the Outside Inside: If you can’t dine outside, make sure your dining room has plenty of greenery! Adding plants large and small to the room will make it feel more casual and give everyone a sense of well-being.
  4. Bright Color: Whether it’s one wall or a pop of color on your chairs, adding a bold color can brighten up this room. Try a colorful area rug or a large piece of art for more personality, and coordinate with smaller items in the room like vases, dishes or linens.
  5. Leather Upholstered Furniture: In line with sustainability trends, look for leather upholstered dining room chairs that will last. Leather upscales your dining experience and this will be the year that families really celebrate with get-togethers and big meals.