Easy Decorating for Fall

The best place to find decoration inspiration and materials for fall decorating is right in your own backyard! Bringing the outside in will cozy up your home décor and complement any color palette with the warm hues of nature.

  1. Rake the leaves — then use the best ones to make a wreath for your door, or fill a silver bowl with the prettiest ones and place on your coffee table, or line the mantle over your fireplace with them to bring the outdoors in.
  2. Cut back your overgrown vines — then twist them into a wreath or a cone, adding other colorful and textural finds like leaves, pinecones, moss or acorns
  3. Pick pumpkins or gourds from your garden (or the store) — then hollow out the insides and use them as a small succulent planter, or a candle holder
  4. Take a neighborhood walk — you can gather all the interesting natural items you find like leaves, pods, pecans, tree berries, dried flowers and create a centerpiece for your dining room table.
  5. Trim the dead decorative grasses or bamboo from your landscaping — then add these cuttings to a big vase or other colorful container to use as a fall decoration inside
  6. Gather up the pinecones, Sweet Gum tree seed pods, or Magnolia tree pods — then fill a decorative bowl, or build a wreath, or layer them with pine tree branches across your table or mantle.