Easy Ways to Keep Your House Warmer in Winter

Everyone is hunkered down this time of year, trying to stay warm. Here are a few simple home heating tips that will not only help keep your home warmer, they’ll save on energy costs as well.

  1. Vents: Make sure all your vents are in working order. Move furniture away from blocking vents and intakes. Close off vents in rooms that you don’t use, so you’re only heating what you need to heat.
  2. Rugs: Bare floors are not only cold on your feet, they’re not too helpful at holding heat in a room. Add a rug or spread a blanket on the floor to cozy up a room for warmth.
  3. Check Your Filter: Have you replaced the filter in your furnace recently? Your furnace can work more efficiently and keep you warmer with a clean filter.
  4. Windows: During the day, open all the curtains on your windows and the sun will help you heat the room. But at night, make sure all your curtains are closed to trap the heat inside. ProTip: Place a sheet of bubble wrap over your windows to let light in, but add another layer of insulation in the winter.
  5. Steam Heat: If you can, keep the bathroom door open when you shower and the steam will help warm your house. You can also keep a pot of boiling water on the stove to add steam to the kitchen area to make it feel warmer and combat winter dryness.