Fall Color Trends for Interiors

Nature takes the lead this fall, with color trends falling in the earth tones ranges. Add in natural colors and textures and you’ll have your own indoor-outdoor oasis. Or explore one of the other interesting trends presenting this time of year. These are three of the biggest anticipated trends to look for in home interior decorating this fall.

Soothing Earth-Toned Palettes
Natural woods are big this fall, as are natural fibers and earth-toned furniture, rugs, paint and flooring. Try a centerpiece like a solid walnut accent table. Add natural elements in your decorating like leaves, bamboo and eucalyptus. Opt for wood-based lamps instead of metal. And definitely go for that thick, cozy neutral-colored throw.

Throw a Curve or Two
Instead of the formerly popular mid-century squared-off sofas, curvy ones are showing up everywhere. Taking away some of the hard edges of your interior makes your home softer, kinder and more inviting. Try round pillows instead of square ones, a round wall mirror. Curved-back chairs and round accent tables complete the look.

A Jewel of an Accent
Add a burst of deep, rich color to a room with a jewel-toned accent item. Try a pillow or two in crimson or deep purple. A royal blue tuft. An emerald green accent chair or maybe a velvet throw. These dollops of royalty will plus up your look and carry you into the holiday season in style.