Fall Lawn Care Checklist

If temperatures are starting to recede from the scorching summer heights, it’s time to start preparing your lawn for fall. Not only does this help your lawn weather the upcoming winter cold, you’ll be prepping your lawn to be green and lush next spring.

  1. Rake the leaves — make sure your lawn is getting maximum sunlight in fall and winter by removing the leaves which block it.
  2. Dethatch or aerate your lawn — using a rake or de-thatcher, remove or loosen up the dead grass and its stem and root systems which will prevent water from soaking in and new grass from growing.
  3. Fertilize the lawn — feeding your lawn now gives it the nutrition to store for the winter and come back in the spring hearty and healthy, and keep weeds under control.
  4. Seeding your lawn — in areas that require it, seed your lawn with winter grass to keep it full and lush longer and fill in the bare spots.
  5. Mowing your lawn — now that the weather is getting cooler, you can go longer without mowing because the grass is slowing down on growth, and you can trim it closer.
  6. Keep watering your grass — your lawn is less likely to be damaged by cold weather if it is not stressed by drought.
  7. Mulch your trees and shrubs — be sure to apply a protective layer of mulch around the bases of trees, shrubs and vines to protect them from impending cold.