Gadgets You’ll Want in Your Home

Some of the most exciting advances in home design now include technology. There are quite a few new gadgets you might want in your home — all of which attempt to make your life easier, cleaner, safer or brighter.

Your bathroom

Hang a smart mirror over your sink. This modern stylish mirror sports a touch screen to dim the lights, and an anti-fog design. 

Set a robot smart mop loose on your hard surfaces to clean the floor while you’re at work!

Your bedroom

Modern air purifiers are designed to not only remove impurities, but now dust as well. And many are stylishly designed as accent tables to blend into your room.

Robot vacuums can keep up with your pet’s hair all day long. This set-it-and-forget it gadget keeps floors fresh.

Your living room

Add smart plugs to your outlets that are capable of turning lamps and appliances on and off on a schedule, or be controlled by your phone.

Digital thermostats can be programmed to save you money by optimizing your usage schedules. Some can even learn your preferences over time and make automatic adjustments!

Your outdoors

Connect a smart lock to your front door’s deadbolt and your front door will recognize your phone when you walk up to the door and unlock it for you!

Some smart security lights can now be installed and be completely controlled by a phone app for security at your fingertips – even when you’re away.