Get the Most out of an Open House

Making sure an open house is successful – whether you’re a seller or a buyer – can mean closing faster, securing better pricing and a more stress-free process. Here are some tips for both sellers and buyers to get the most out of an open house.

Seller – The Host

  1. A thorough top-to-bottom cleaning to impress potential buyers.
  2. Decluttering every room will make your space seem larger.
  3. Removing personal items from your house will help buyers picture themselves in this house.
  4. Let your agent run the open house – go out for the day. They’ll do the best job pointing out features that are relevant to each buyer according to their needs.
  5. Don’t forget the details: mow the lawn, plant some flowers, add cut flowers inside, and bake something so your house smells welcoming!

Buyer – The Guest

  1. Narrow your search parameters so that you are only seeing houses in person that fit your specific criteria. But…
  2. Add a few homes to your tour list that are below, and a few that are slightly above your target price range. This will help you spot the gems that are right for you.
  3. Follow etiquette and house rules when touring. Stand out as the polite people.
  4. Have a list of questions about that property to ask the agent on duty.
  5. Take a listing sheet from the house to reference afterwards.