Getting Your Yard Ready to be Green

Happy St. Patrick’s day! While we’re all thinking about green today, give a thought to how beautifully green your yard can be this spring, with just a little prep work.

  1. Clean it: Rake the leaves, pull them out of the flower beds, and bag them. Make sure debris like dead branches and rocks are cleared from your yard.
  2. Prep it: Spread a combination of fertilizer and an herbicide. These items will feed your grass, and also prevent non-grass from starting. Repeat this process again 6-8 weeks after the first application.
  3. Mow it: Mow your lawn every 5 days for the first few weeks of spring growth to help the roots take hold and ensure your lawn grows thick and green.
  4. Prune it: Prune bushes and trees now, removing overgrowth and dead branches. It’s easier to see the shape of trees and bushes when there aren’t any leaves yet.
  5. Mulch it: Once your flower beds are cleaned out, and bushes are pruned, add a one inch thick layer of new mulch. Not only will this make your beds tidy in appearance, it will help protect new growth by retaining moisture and adding organic matter to the soil.
  6. Inspect it: Inspect your sprinkler system, hoses, mower, edger and any other equipment you’re going to use regularly in spring and summer to maintain your greenery. Make sure it is all in good working order and ready to go!