Halloween Yard Ideas

Make the most of your yard on Halloween this year, with a few tricks! Whether you choose funny or scary, these DIY decorations will make this Halloween a big treat. Your family will have fun creating your very own spooky yard.

  1. Instead of just putting your skeleton bones in your yard or garden, fill a wheelbarrow with dirt and pose your skeleton there.
  2. DIY your own gravestones from foam, wood, or cardboard for your yard or garden with funny names like Daisy Pusher or Otto B. Alive.
  3. Add glowing spooky eyes to your bushes and garden by cutting eye shapes into toilet paper rolls and hiding a glow stick inside.
  4. Turn your yard work into easy ghosts by bagging your leaves with white garbage bags, then sealing and flipping them over. Add two eyes and a mouth with black tape, marker or paper.
  5. Use milk jugs as lanterns to line your porch by drawing jack-o-lantern faces on them and adding a tiny battery-powered tea candle inside.
  6. Cover your front door with strips of cardboard (that look like boards) and write “Keep Out” on them, as if your house is boarded up and haunted.
  7. Use black tape (or even chalk) to create a spiderweb pattern on your patio surface — easy on and easy off!
  8. Prop large dead tree branches up on your porch and hang paper bats, paper ghosts and paper skulls on the limbs.