Home Buyers – Make Sure You Get an Inspection

Love is blind it is said. This is never truer than in the home buying process. Falling in love with a home can sometimes blind you to its faults and flaws. Before you sign on the dotted line to commit to buying a home that you love, take the valuable step of calling a home inspector.

A home inspector looks at a home with unbiased eyes. They’re not in love with the reading nook or the mud room. They’re looking for cracks in the foundation or a roof that will soon need replacing. Better to spend just a couple hundred dollars to look at this potential new home of yours through the inspector’s objective point of view, than to end up with a money-pit or worse disaster.

The inspector may often reveal issues that can be addressed by the seller before negotiating a price with the buyer – giving the buyer an edge. Expect an inspector to take up to four hours to look at some of these structural components of your potential home:

Foundation and Basement
Roof and Attic
Walls, Floors and Ceilings
Doors and Windows
Electrical System
Once you have your inspector’s report, look for major issues and talk to your real estate agent about your path forward. With an eyes-wide-open inspection, you can find a home you love and make a smart, informed purchase decision.