Home Garden Trends for 2023

Summertime is prime gardening time, and if you haven’t started yet, you can always plan for next summer. Check out the home garden trends that are hot right now. Whether you want to plant and nuture flowers or veggies, there’s a trend for you.

Native Plants Want to Be in Your Garden

Wherever you live, there are plants that are used to living there too. They are perfectly made to withstand whatever your weather throws at them: drought, tornado, extreme cold, rainy days or searing heat. Your local garden center or even botanic garden can help you decide what plants to include in your native garden. They will require less care because they’re made for your climate!

Gardens Everywhere

Got a small space, or even no space? Go for a container garden, or two! Both flowering plants and vegetables can be grown in containers on a small porch or even an indoor counter top. Hang a plant in an empty corner. Add a vertical garden to your fence. Stake some tomatoes on your balcony. Start small with a container herb garden that you can keep on your kitchen counter near your sink window and you’ll be hooked.

Go Natural

Instead of a lawn, consider a wildflower area. Toss your wildflower seeds, water and watch that formerly boring square of grass become a beautiful, colorful haven for birds and bees. Support the ecosystem and cut down on your mowing chores all at the same time.