Home Maintenance Checklist for July

In between all your summer fun, take some time to check these important home maintenance items off your list. You’ll not only make sure the summer fun can continue, you’ll be setting yourself up for a smooth transition to fall.

Save money on utilities:

  1. Caulk and seal cracks or openings around door and windows, electrical outlets, and even ceiling lights.
  2. Make sure your air ducts are sealed and insulted.
  3. Check for gaps around your windows, and replace broken panes and even screens.

Give your play areas some TLC:

  1. Power wash your patio or deck to keep the wood fresh. And a coat of stain or sealant.
  2. Clean all your outdoor furniture with soapy water.
  3. Wash your patio umbrella with soapy water and rinse it off with the hose – air dry in the sun.
  4. Remove all the deal leaves, weeds and debris from your yard. Keep it trimmed and cleaned up.

Run your appliances through a cleaning cycle:

  1. Make sure you thoroughly clean out your lint screen, and use a vacuum to remove excess lint from the vent tube.
  2. Clean the rubber seal on your washer and dryer to remove detergent build-up, residue and debris.
  3. Run a cycle every once in a while with bleach or white vinegar to prevent mold and unpleasant smells.
  4. Don’t forget your water heater! Drain it once a year – now’s a good time – to clear out sediment.