Home Options for Multi-Generational Living

Trends and circumstances now are seeing several generations of a family once again living together in the same home. There are multiple ways and options to make this multi-generational living both functional and productive. 

Multi-cook Kitchens

If three generations will be cooking together, consider the height of the countertops, so that everyone can easily do food prep at the same time. Hang a Menu Board to outline each week’s meal plan for everyone to see — and contribute. Create a centralized grocery list, where everyone can write down what’s run out, or what’s needed for next week. Make sure everyone can reach the items they need easily, without climbing up into precarious situations.

Bathrooms for Everyone

Older family members put a priority on safety, so a first-floor bathroom is a must. If they must navigate stairs, make sure lighting is bright and steps are not slippery. Make sure bathrooms have both tubs and showers to accommodate everyone’s needs. And for family members with restricted mobility, add handheld shower heads and grab-bars. Build in enough storage for every member of the family to have their own shelf or cubby with basket for personal items.

Converting Unused Space

Think about converting an attic, basement, garage or storage room into a bedroom for an elder, or an extended family member. If your backyard situation can accommodate it, consider adding a mother-in-law suite with its own entrance and bathroom for grandparents or an adult child living at home.