How Do You Know It’s Time to Move?

How do you know it’s time to move and sell your home? Perhaps you’ve thought about it in the past few years, but it never seemed like the right time to move. Usually life changes or external changes in the market can be your sign that it might be time to sell.

Congrats — You’re in a Seller’s Market

Right now, in this seller’s market, there are not very many houses available. And the ones that are available are being fought over. Sell now and you’ll get the highest value, and you may even see multiple buyers outbidding each other to get your home. If you already have a plan for where you’re going next, this might be a good time for you to sell and maximize your profit.

The Size of Your Family Just Changed

Whether that’s one more baby, or one less college student. An extra grandma or a Great Dane, the size of your family can change and make your cozy home feel too big or too small. This is the number one reason people sell their home.  

You Got a New Job

Maybe you’ve accepted a job in another city. Or you’re going remote and need a home office. Work is often a reason people change homes. Would a different style or location for your home make your life easier? Maybe it’s time to reassess your location, and choose to sell.