How Homes Are Featured in an Open House

Whether you are selling your home, or buying a home, an Open House is one of the most important steps in the process. At an Open House, sellers and their agent have the opportunity to feature a home’s best sides. Potential buyers and their agent then have the chance to weigh these features against wish lists and ask questions.

After narrowing down choices on-line, open houses can serve as a way to informally see a house, or many houses in a day, and imagine living there. When visiting an Open House, it’s not just the house that is being featured. Buyers are checking out the neighborhood too. They might walk around the neighborhood to get a bigger picture assessment. Agents try to create a welcoming experience.

In an Open House setting, successfully shown homes have several things in common. The home IS the show – with staging, lighting, and memorable experiences. Lovely kitchens can be enhanced with baking. Beautiful dining areas can feature a fully-dressed table and floral centerpiece. Backyards can offer game play or al fresco snacks and beverages. The idea is to make the house and it’s living spaces attractive. Agents try to help potential buyers imagine themselves living in the home. Walking through a space is the best way to get a feel for it. That’s why Open Houses are key! People can look at everything in detail. Visiting a home – and falling in love with it – then becomes the impetus for making an offer.