How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home

How to choose paint colors for your home can be an overwhelming task. But, follow a few tips and selecting house colors can enhance your curb appeal outside, and your satisfaction inside.

  • Your home’s style – Take a look at the era when your home was built, and seek historically accurate inspiration from that time period to complement your home’s architectural features. 
  • The neighborhood – For exteriors, blend in to your neighborhood better by considering what other homes like yours are doing with paint. On the inside, check out what neighbors have done inside their homes next time you’re over to see how different colors work in a finished room.
  • The nature around you – Take an inspiration cue from the landscape in your area. Colorful plants might pop on a neutral house, whereas if your home is surrounded by mostly green, it might be your home’s turn to shine with a more chromatic choice.
  • Your personality – Love drama? Then maybe you’d love a dramatic bold color on one of the walls in your dining room. Are you a sunny, bright person? Lean into white, lemon yellows, and crisp linens so that the inside of your home reflects the true you.
  • Build on permanence – If you know that your floor isn’t going to change, use that as your jumping off point. Pick colors that complement your flooring. Outside, your roof most likely isn’t changing anytime soon, so choose a siding color that matches.