How to Hold a Field Day in your Back Yard

Kids’ favorite day of the whole school year? Undoubtedly it’s Field Day. If one Field Day is just not enough for your family, have another in your own backyard!

Here are 7 easy games you can set up and play again and again. And don’t forget to reward participants with a treat!

  1. Toss an Egg: In pairs, toss an egg back and forth, stepping back a step every round. Keep going until there’s only one pair of winners that still have their egg intact.
  2. Obstacle Course: Have every kid grab one item from inside the house and line them up, spaced apart. Run, jump, crawl, hop around the items in rounds. Best time wins.
  3. I Spy: Hide a handful of small objects in the backyard. At “GO” everyone searches for them until they are found.
  4. Long jump: Simply measure how far everyone can jump from a line.
  5. Backyard Bowling: Using bottles from your recycling and any ball, set up a game of bowling on your lawn. Winner knocks down the most bottles in one throw.
  6. Knee Ball Race: Holding a ball between your knees without dropping it, race from one side of the yard to the other.
  7. Pass the Sponge: Divide into two teams and line up. Using only a sponge teams must transfer water from one bucket to the other. Team with the most water in the second bucket wins.