How to Include Children More for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving traditions can involve more than just a big meal and a football game. They can be a family event where you take the time to work together, and find ways to be grateful for each other all rolled into one! From preparation to post-dessert, here are a few ways to involve your kids more in this holiday centered around thankfulness.

Work together on the menu:

Let your kids help with planning the menu for the Thanksgiving feast. They can each pick a favorite dish, look it up and write out a shopping list for ingredients. Kids can help select the ingredients at the store, and then on the big day, help prepare their dish. Be sure to make a big deal about how delicious their dish is, and they’ll be proud to make it again next time!

Decorate the table together:

Kids can decorate a simple 11×17 piece of construction paper to use as a placemat — for each person attending the meal. Whether they draw a scene, write a story about why they are thankful for that person, or create a cut paper collage from old magazines, this is an activity that will help them think about why this big family meal is important to everyone.

Share with others:

Help your kids collect canned goods for your local food pantry, and take them to donate a week or so before Thanksgiving. Use this opportunity to help them learn sharing their bounty with others, especially during the holidays.