How to Make Your Home Toddler-Friendly

There are several goals in mind when making your home toddler friendly. Safety is of course the ultimate goal, but making life easier for parents as well as fostering some independence for toddlers are not unimportant! With a few shifts, you can easily look at your home from their perspective and make daily life easier for them — and for you.

A Place for Everything
Even toddlers can learn to put things away, if there is a place for them. Add a box or basket for toys in the rooms where they play. Place a coat hook — low enough for them to reach — by the door and they’ll hand up their jacket every day.

Less is More
Don’t want toddler mess in every room? Want to keep safety at the forefront of your interior design? Less is more should be your mantra. Choose furniture that doesn’t have removable cushions. Limit throw pillows, knick knacks, tablecloths. 

Safety All Around
To make sure there’s fewer boo-boos and more beauty, choose accents tables that are curved or round, and limit sharp edges, glass items, and slippery wood floors. Adding throw rugs can keep a wobbly toddler from hurting themselves on a hard floor.

Lower the Threshold
Encourage independence in the kitchen, for instance, with a low section of counterspace where they can practice helping your prepare meals. This area can double as a homework station, coloring center, or other table-top toy area.