How to Switch Out Your Closet Properly

As the seasons — and weather — changes, so can your closet! If you live in a climate where you are wearing t-shirts half the year and sweaters the other half, consider storing some items and hanging others. Seasonal clothes closet swapping is a good practice for these reasons:

  1. When you switch out your closet, you have the opportunity to thoroughly clean the space before putting the next season’s clothing back in.
  2. You have the chance to really evaluate if this clothing is still valuable to you: does it still fit, does it still make you happy? If not, get rid of it.
  3. Bringing out your second season of clothing is like getting a new wardrobe! You’ll fall in love again with that soft sweater or those luxe pants you packed away last winter.

There are some best practices that you can follow to maximize your closet swap. 

  1. Don’t swap out everything. There are foundational pieces that you’ll wear all year long. Jeans are seasonless. T-shirt become the underlayer in winter. Neutrals like black or tan can pair with anything all year long.
  2. When you’re packing away last season’s clothing, make sure it is all clean and folded or hung neatly. That way its ready to wear at the beginning of the next swap-out without too much trouble.
  3. Make sure you pack away all your off-season accessories too: summer sandals, hats, and pool wear. This will make space for your boots, scarves and hats!