How to Use Stone in Your Landscaping

Stone is a favorite of landscapers and gardeners alike. It can be used to set boundaries for a garden, build stairs to access a multi-leveled area, and even as a centerpiece. With all of the beautiful colors, shapes and textures available, this natural element can add definition, structure and beaty to your landscaping.

Define a space:

  1. Stone pavers can outline your garden beds. Add a ring of stones around the base of your trees (and plant shade plants between the tree trunk and the stones).
  2. Flat stone can create a patio oasis, instead of a cement slab. Fill the space between stones with sand, crushed granite or even small grasses.
  3. Use stacked stone or a gabion stone wall to define a space or perimeter in your yard.

Add easier access:

  1. Build stone steps to access different levels in your backyard landscaping – it looks more natural than cement.
  2. Flat stepping stones will prevent grass from being worn thin in areas that people walk frequently.
  3. Construct a stone bridge over small creek or garden feature.

Bring in mindfulness:

  1. Lay in a dry stone creek bed to mimic the meandering line of a small creek through your garden area.
  2. Build a zen garden with sand and several large monumental stones. Rake the sand in concentric circles around the stones.
  3. Use stone to create a small water feature, and add lush greenery around the fountain or spring.