Kid’s Bedroom Trends

Kid’s bedrooms are typically about functionality and fun — emphasis on fun! Kids want to feel good about sleeping, playing and having friends over to their room. Make it a place they’ll want to be this year by incorporating some of these kid’s bedroom trends.

ABCs and 123s
Add learning to decorating in your child’s room with educational textiles, functional furniture and school style. A big chalkboard or white board can inspire creativity. Alphabet sheets can help little ones learn to read faster. Add a big bookshelf, and plenty of books.

Outside Inside
Turn your child’s bedroom into a campground, zoo, or even a walk on the moon! Decorate to fulfill your kid’s favorite outdoor fantasy. Add a tent to their bed and stars to the ceiling in glow-in-the-dark paint to camp inside! Animal prints and jungle linens can turn your nursery into a safari or zoo.

Grab your child’s imagination with glow-in-the-dark or heat-sensitive color-change linens. Supply plenty of musical experiences like a giant floor keyboard and a karaoke station. Add textures, colors, sounds and even smells to make their room an exciting place bring friends.

Save money on decorating with second-hand stores and neighborhood sales — good for snagging items from bigger kids’ rooms that they’ve outgrown. Gather items of the same color or theme to pull this idea together. You can even repurpose items in your home for your child’s room — just add a new coat of paint.