Kitchen Gadgets You Need This Summer

Looking for the latest (or greatest) kitchen gadgets that you can’t live without? Here’s a quick roundup of items you’ll find helpful in your home!

Cooking Gadgets:

  1. Breakfast sandwich makers keep the mess to a minimum and the taste to a maximum.
  2. Mini waffle makers are everyone’s favorite, and storage is a breeze. They come in a host of colors and even different shapes!
  3. Try a smart meat thermometer with an app for tracking the internal temperature of foods on your phone.
  4. Taco Tuesdays are a hit with homemade tortillas using a tortilla press kit.

Sustainability Gadgets:

  1. A countertop compost container can help you save those peelings and eggshells easily, and then take them outside to your garden bed or compost tumbler.
  2. Keep a stainless steel straw on hand for every member of the family
  3. A mini chop ‘n prep container makes it easy to chop onions without electricity or a knife. (or the smell!)
  4. Switch to cleaners that come in concentrate that you add water to, and get rid of excess packaging.

Summer Fun:

  1. A stainless steel watermelon slicer can cut perfect bite sized pieces instantly for your next picnic.
  2. Ice cream makers are modern and easy-to-use for delicious homemade summer ice cream.
  3. Make your own pocket sandwiches to go with a sandwich cutter/sealer.
  4. Use silicon candy molds to make fun ice cubes for summer drinks: bunnies, starfish, you name it.