Little Luxuries For Your Kitchen

Little luxuries for your kitchen may be just what you need with the holidays approaching. With extra time in the kitchen on the menu, you might be feeling an itch to plus up your space. If new appliances or an all-new set of Le Creuset pots and pans are out of budget, it might be time to consider investing in a few “little luxuries” for your kitchen. These smaller, typically decorative items will add a bit of luxury to your space without breaking the bank. Not sure where to start? 

Go for Glass. Glass pitchers and jars are more visually appealing than plastic and can be used for a variety of purposes, from displaying a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to serving a big batch of your favorite holiday mixed drink.

Add Some Light. Find a small lamp for your kitchen counter — bonus points if it has a unique base or colorful shade! Not only will additional light add depth to your space and enhance the look of your food and drinks, you can also use it as a nightlight.

Fancy Flatware. A new set of dishes can be expensive, but your dollar will go farther with flatware, and you’ll still be adding something new to your tablescape. Consider opting for something less typical — like a matte finish or handles with fun colors.

Don’t be afraid to try something new or test out a different style — starting small can make the transition easier and less expensive while still scratching the itch for something new.