Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home

Kitchens are often called the heart of a home. Why? Whatever the gathering, people seem to gravitate to this particular space. Maybe it’s the warmth, or maybe it’s the food. Whatever the reason, you can cultivate more of that energy and make sure your kitchen is truly the heart of your home with some simple additions. 

  • Keep personalized cups with family’s names on them, to bring out when they visit
  • Add a Bluetooth speaker to your kitchen, so that you can readily dial up your favorite cooking playlist
  • Gather and display relative’s favorite family recipes as the treasure that they are
  • When visitors are over, keep small bites and nibbles at the ready in the kitchen before big family meals
  • Keep a pie-scented candle burning in the kitchen when you’re hosting
  • Make use of unused space for a cozy reading area or a homework nook
  • Declutter and arrange your counter space to allow for every member of the family (or visitors) to be able to help with cooking
  • Adjust your window coverings to allow in natural light and softness
  • Make sure there are many places to sit and chat — like barstools, kitchen chairs, and a window seat

Overall, by thinking carefully about your kitchen and how it is used, you can make it easier for people to gather together and enjoy the space. And they’ll always feel comfortable and loved in the heart of your home.