Maximize Your Backyard for fun

If you have a plain backyard, congratulations! You’ve got a clean slate to work with to create some backyard excitement. From gardens to pools, your backyard is another room in your house — the one where you can have a mini vacation every day. Here are five ideas to renew your backyard, depending on your interests, to maximize it for your kind of fun.

Kid’s Rule
In this backyard, picture a giant wooden jungle gym, slide and swings. There’s an area for sprinkler fun, and a place to blow bubbles. If you have a tree, add a treehouse or picnic spot.

Grow Your Own
Turn your backyard into the vegetable garden of your dreams. With both veggies and herbs, you’ll have less to mow and more to eat all summer long. Add a compost tumbler, rain barrel, and trellis.

Close Campground
Turn this spot into a mini campground with firepit, tent or shade structure, and picnic table. And a hammock. Incorporate lots of shade trees to mirror the great outdoors.

Waterpark Central
If your yard is big enough, add a pool to add hours of enjoyment for months on end. Landscape around the pool to show off a water feature or a slide. Add a cabana or outdoor bar to plus up the pool parties!

Kitchening Outdoors
Enjoy grilling? Add an outdoor kitchen structure including a sink, mini fridge, counter space, and a large grill. Include a patio table with abundant seating and a large umbrella.