Maximize Your Kitchen Storage Space

After spring cleaning, you’ll want to reorganize to maximize your storage. This is never truer than in the kitchen. Organize your kitchen space for convenience, ease-of-use and lifestyle with these tips.

Pantry: Reorganize your items by how they are used. For example, all baking items like flour, sugar and even chocolate chips can group together. Group pastas and rice together. Put bulk items like beans, rice, and popcorn in glass containers for easy identification. And don’t forget to put kids’ snacks all together on a lower shelf so that they can self-serve to make your life easier.

Cabinets: Instead of setting your coffee mugs on a shelf, install hooks to hang them from the shelf above. Hang your stemware in the same way. This way you double the usable space. Use a desk folder rack as a lid and baking sheet holder. Keep lower cabinets less cluttered by adding a shallow skillet shelf, or pot hooks for smaller saucepans. Over the door organizers also add useful space.
Refrigerator: Don’t just deep clean inside, organize by usage. Keep leftovers in containers on a shelf together. Drinks together. Condiments together. Organizing by type helps you see at a glance what you can use, and what’s missing for your next trip to the store. Don’t forget the outside of your refrigerator – add a magnetic shelf to the side for easy storage of items like spices, and utilize the top for seldom used items like mixers.