Maximizing a Tiny Closet

Many older homes come with very small closets! And since “large closets” are high on everyone’s new house wish list this can present a problem. If you are suddenly faced with this dilemma and are wondering how to fit it all in, here are a few tips for maximizing the space you have in a small, or even tiny, closet.

First, assess your actual wardrobe. What you wear will determine how to set up your closet:

Have more shirts (and less long things like dresses and jumpsuits)?
Install a second rod to double the amount of items you can hang.

Have more sweaters than hanging shirts?
Add a shelf above the hang rod for folded sweaters to tuck neatly away.

Still don’t have a lot of hanging space?
Utilize those 5-garment hangers to make the most of the space you have, hanging 5 shirts or 5 pairs of pants in place of one. Add a belt rack to keep belts and scarves organized. 

No place for your shoes?
Add an over-the-door hanging shoe bag to the back of the closet door to keep your shoes neatly off the floor. Another option is an under-the-bed shoe storage bin.

Too many purses or baseball hats?
Invest in special hanging racks that accommodate multiple items in the smallest space.

Get creative with your closet organization, and realize that you may be better served storing some items somewhere other than your closet!