New Home Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Sometimes you add a new gadget to your home and you wonder “How did I ever live without this?” Whether you’re making life easier, cleaner, or more informative, new home gadgets appear every year causing excitement as home owners rush to get them. This year, upgrade your home with one of these offerings:

  1. Indoor/Outdoor Digital Thermometer — Never know if you should wear a jacket or not? This small handy thermometer sets a temperature sensor outside your home, but displays the temperature on screen inside. With some models, you can even monitor three different locations at once.
  2. Smartphone Sanitizer — Don’t think about how many times you’ve touched your phone, or laid it down on a restaurant table. Sanitize it every night while you sleep! Smart phone sanitizers can make your phone 99.9 percent germ-free.
  3. Wall-mounted Smart Mirror — More than just a place to see your pretty face, this is a touch-screen mirror that gives you control over lighting, fogging and more. Bring your bathroom into the future. Other mirrors can display anything like the internet, movies and even your health stats.
  4. Curtain robots — Add this mini bot gadget to your front room curtains and pair it with your smartphone to automatically open and close your curtains for you, even on a schedule. It’s also got a light sensor and will open or close the curtains depending on the sunlight to conserve energy.