Plus Up Your Front Porch Décor

You might think your front porch can’t really change much — other than maybe by adding a wreath on the door, or a potted plant or two. But think again once you visualize what you can really do to make your front porch inviting and attractive! Curb appeal is king, so make your front porch the center of your attention!

Here are 10 items to add more enjoyment to your front porch to make it the extra room you didn’t know you needed:

  1. An outdoor area rug can really define this space
  2. A comfy porch chair — whether that’s a rocker, an Adirondack, or something with cushions!
  3. An accent table gives you a spot to set your coffee, or glass of wine, depending on what time of day you are porch-sitting.
  4. A beautiful front porch sconce, or overhead twinkle lights to set the mood
  5. From potted flowers to a hanging basket, add a spot of color easily.
  6. Is it time to update your house numbers? There are many stylish options on line to choose from.
  7. An oscillating fan creates a breeze on a hot day, and wards off pests.
  8. A kid basket full of sidewalk chalk, jacks and ball, and any other front yard amusements to pull out as needed.
  9. An outdoor speaker that connects to your favorite playlist.
  10. Chunky candles in a lantern container can add ambiance and extra time outside in the evening.