Preparing Your House for Summer

As the warmer weather approaches, you’ll want to make a few adjustments to make sure your home is all ready for summer fun this year!

Energy Efficiency:

  1. Install protective exterior window coverings
  2. Make sure you have adequate insulation in your attic area
  3. Change your air filter, and get an HVAC check-up
  4. Add a programmable thermostat to control your energy usage

Starting Fresh:

  1. Pressure wash and repair sidewalks, driveway and porches
  2. Replace weather stripping around doors if need be
  3. Caulk any gaps in door and window frames
  4. Replace rotted wood on siding, decks and fences

Systems Reset:

  1. Check sprinkler systems and hoses/outdoor faucets for any winter damage
  2. Hose down your AC condenser (with the power off)
  3. Clean debris out of your gutters
  4. Scrub down your grill and replace worn grilling tools