Ready to Sell? Luck is On Your Side!

St. Patrick’s Day is this week, and lucky you, there’s never been a better time to sell your house! Several market indicators are still pointing toward a boom market for sellers. Why? Interest rates are still historically low, so buyers are eager to take on a mortgage. Inventory of homes for sale is also historically low. With more buyers than houses, your chances right now are the highest they’ve ever been for getting the best price when you sell your home.

More buyers are looking at the houses that are for sale, and there are less of them for sale. How does that benefit you if you are thinking about selling your house? Luck is definitely on your side right now, because more buyers for fewer houses means more competitive offers. The housing market is full of stories of multiple offers, over-asking-price offers, and cash offers. And houses that are for sale right now are not staying on the market very long. Quick and easy closings are to your advantage as well.

Talk to your real estate broker about ways to maximize the attributes of your home as-is to be its most attractive to buyers. Buyers are being less picky about everything being “just so”, and it could turn out that you might not have to do as much fixing up before you sell. With this seller’s market, you might not even need good luck!