Sellers — Your Agent is Your Ally

Selling your home? Your choice of real estate agent in this complicated process can be super important, especially in a seller’s market. They are your biggest ally when you want to maximize your profit. When your home is one of the few on the market, and multiple buyers are competing for it, your seller’s agent can make sure you get the highest price from the most viable buyer. Your ally agent will keep you informed as the process progresses, and guide your decision-making.

  1. Pricing your home correctly to sell quickly AND maximize profit
  2. Showcasing your home’s best features with expert staging inside and out
  3. Consulting with you on what you need to repair or update to maximize your return on investment
  4. Marketing your home with digital and traditional materials, expert photography and sometimes even video, signage, showings, and open houses
  5. Vetting prospective buyers for qualification
  6. Negotiating the best terms for you by fielding and answering offers to determine the best course of action, including counteroffers, adjustments or contingencies
  7. Guiding you through inspection, appraisal and closing

When the market is hot and home prices are sky high, your seller’s agent is an expert at pricing your home correctly for the area, they style of the home, the condition of the home and other important factors. They are also experts at many steps along the selling process — solely looking out for your interests.