Selling Your Home? Don’t do this!

It’s a seller’s market right now. Ensure that your home is one of the hottest properties on the market. Do all the right things (and none of the wrong things) to attract the most buyers, and seal the deal.

Focus your attention on these areas of your home – and you’ll be showing off its best features instead of putting a spotlight on things that will turn off buyers.

Out with the Old:
Some older features of a home can be charming: the phone nook in the hallway or the built-ins under the staircase. But most old things are not what a buyer wants to see. So make sure you’re NOT showing old carpet, worn draperies, old appliances. Keep rooms fresh with a fresh coat of paint, newer appliances, and fresh linens.

Landscaping Love:
Assess your outdoors. From odd statuary to downright messy gardens, do NOT show off a yard that has been neglected or is too weird to appeal to most people. Trim it up, clean it up, and make sure that you’re showing off how your lovely trees, lush greenery and other landscaping decisions complement your home’s style.

De-Color Your World:
Buyers want to see a neutral hued home, so that they can more easily picture themselves in it. So DON’T keep that orange pop-of-color wall in your bedroom, that green rug, or that bright yellow cabinetry. A fresh coat of white paint will serve you well when selling your home.