Spring Cleaning Starts Now!

Haven’t started your spring cleaning yet? Here’s a handy guide to getting it done fast. The trick is to break tasks up into bite-sized pieces and get started now. You can always work in a 15-minute cleaning of something, right? Try starting with the must-cleans. Then do the probably-should-cleans. And finally you’ll be inspired to work on the forgot-to-cleans.

  1. Must-cleans: Vacuum all floors. Clean all window panes. Wipe down all baseboards, door frames, door knobs and fixtures, and window frames. Clean all high-touch surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. Spiff up all your appliances inside and out. Refrigerator shelves and drawers deserve a thorough cleaning to keep your food safe to eat.
  2. Probably-should-cleans: The shelves in your kitchen cabinets. The drawers in your dresser. The linen closet. Once you clean the inside of closets, drawers and cabinets, you’ll want to reorganize the contents to get rid of clutter, group like-items and rearrange contents for easy access. Try vacuuming your drapes. And, move your rugs and clean under them, as dust will fall right through the rug all year long. 
  3. Forgot-to-cleans: These are the ones that everyone forgets. Behind the refrigerator. Inside the oven. The lint trap in your dryer. The vents in your house. The actual trashcans themselves. 

Try tackling these levels of clean a little bit at a time, and before you know it, your spring cleaning will be done, and you’ll be all ready for warm weather and sunshine.