The Newest Ideas in Bedroom Deco

Many of the newest ideas in bedroom décor have come from the past two years – when people spent more time than ever before at home. Seeing something every day, all day, tends to lead you to re-examine it. Think about adding a few of these ideas into your home: they’re all about being comfortable.


  1. To ease you from day to night, make everything the softest it can be – from the carpet under your toes to the softest bedding and blankets on your bed
  2. Add a luxury feel to your room with extra plush pillows, satiny soft throws and higher thread count linens
  3. Turn your bedroom into a calming retreat with cut flowers, your favorite books and scented candles


  1. Look for linens, bedding, and curtains made from organic fabrics or recycled materials
  2. Bamboo is replacing both wood and fabric as a sustainable material for headboards, dressers, and chairs, as well as sheets, blankets and curtains
  3. Choose lighting options that conserve energy, optimizing your room with natural light


  1. Realizing a good night’s sleep is the key to feeling better might mean saving up for quality bedding, or a mattress, a cooling pillow or a weighted blanket
  2. In this room where you spend most of your time, choose your furniture for both functionality and long life
  3. Clean debris out of your gutters
  4. Scrub down your grill and replace worn grilling tools