Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer

Don’t let the summer heat drag you down. You can do small things to keep your home cooler, and save money on utility bills. Try some of these tips!

  1. Keep lights off during the day, unless you absolutely need them.
  2. Shut the door to rooms that you are not using, and close the vents. Only cool the parts of your house that you’re using.
  3. Try setting your AC one degree higher. You might not even notice the difference in temperature, but you’ll be using less energy!
  4. If your windows have blinds, flip them pointing up instead of down. This will let in the light but reflect the heat back outside instead of letting it in to your house.
  5. Save more money on energy use by turning your water heater down a few degrees. You’ll be paying less to keep water hot — and you don’t use as much hot water in the warmer months.
  6. Try cooking outside as much as possible. In the summer, every day is a great day for a cookout! The less you cook inside, the cooler your house will stay.
  7. Instead of using a dryer to dry your clothes, try hanging them up outside!
  8. If you have to run your clothing or dish washers, wait until after dark.
  9. Did you know that the paint color of your home, inside and out, can affect the temperature of your house? Choose light colors!