Tips for the Perfect Dining Room

Dining rooms can be used for more than dining! While the dining room table and chairs is almost always the centerpiece of the room, a dining room needs a few more elements to really live up to its potential.

First, make the room more welcoming. This is where you’ll be entertaining guests, as well as dining with your family. The dining room should feel warm and show lots of personality. So, start by softening it up with an area rug nestled beneath the dining room table. 

Then choose one wall of the room and paint it with a warmer, bolder color. Next choose color artwork and something interesting for the centerpiece of the table. Use the décor of this room to start conversations!

Moving on from the table and chairs, depending on your space, and add useful pieces of furniture that compliment and support the usages for this room. Is it for quiet conversations? Add a cozy chair or loveseat. 

Will it be used for homework? A cabinet with plenty of hidden storage for books, papers and supplies is called for. Not sure how many will be eating at the table week to week? Switch out the chairs on one side for a bench. Bench seating can accommodate a flexible number of people.

The key to a well-used, welcoming dining room is to plan the usage for the room ahead of decorating it, to maximize the space you have and inject your personality.