Tips to Winterize Your Home

November is the time to get started winterizing your home, to prepare for harsh weather. With a few preventative measures, you’ll be cozy and warm inside, while everything is protected outside — all winter season.

Cleaning tasks:

  1. Remove debris from gutters
  2. Clean your dryer vent and make sure it’s not clogged up with lint.
  3. Clean the blades of all your ceiling fans, and then make sure they are reset to counter-clockwise to push warm air down this winter.
  4. Clean your windows, and check for cracks and leaks — caulking as you go, both inside and outside.
  5. Have your fireplace and chimney professionally cleaned and ready for cozy winter fires, with no hazards.

Set-up tasks:

  1. Check the temperature on your hot water tank. It might need to be turned up, but be sure you don’t exceed the maximum temperature.
  2. Check your heater’s filter, and change it if it is dirty. Running the system with a clean filter ensures maximum efficiency.
  3. Add storm windows and storm door to your home for an added layer of protection against the cold.
  4. If you’ll not be using your garden hoses this winter, remove and store them inside your garage, and wrap the outdoor faucets to prevent leaks and burst pipes. While you’re at it, wrap any exposed pipes on the exterior of your home.
  5. Upgrade to a digital thermostat, and set it to lower the temperature when you’re out of the house, to save money.