Trends in Landscaping

2024 trends in landscaping reflect the desire to more toward more sustainable design with easy-to-take-care-of choices. There’s more of using what you’ve already got in a better way and being more eco-friendly. Here are some of the more prevalent trends to look for and implement in your own landscaping. 

Pollinator Gardening

Be a bee friend! Attract and encourage natural pollinators like bees, butterflies or hummingbirds by choosing plants like milkweed and other bee- and butterfly-friendly vegetables and flowers. 

Low-Maintenance Plants

Choose evergreen shrubs and ornamental grass that doesn’t require any extra effort or pruning. Choose perennials over annuals. Plant bulbs that turn into beautiful flowers that come back every year.

Sustainable Landscaping

One of the most important trends for the year, this means making your life easier and your yard more adaptable to unpredictable weather by planting low-maintenance weather-hearty plants that are native to your region, and encouraging plants that are already there and thriving.

Smart Tech Garden Accessories

Are you ready for app-controlled outdoor lights? Robo lawn mowers and sprinklers? Digital thermometers that attach to the outside of your home, with a separate display inside, so you know what jacket to wear today? Smart tech can help make your outdoor life a lot easier this year. 

Going Vertical

Small yard? Go vertical with your veggies or flowers via a trellis, ladder or shelves. Attach small planters to your fence. Find ways to garden upwards to maximize your space and add texture and color in unexpected ways.