Types of Siding Explained

If you’re upgrading or replacing the siding on your home, take into consideration the cost, durability, energy efficiency of your choice, among other things. Here’s a cheat sheet with the bottom line on siding types to help with your selection.

Most Expensive:
Hardie Board — Very durable (30-year warranty) and comes already painted.
Natural Wood — High-maintenance (repaint every 5-7 years), but sustainable. Cedar is most expensive, but longest lasting choice.

Less Expensive:
Manufactured Wood — Looks like wood, costs a lot less. Moisture can cause mold and mildew.
Fiber Cement — Looks and acts like wood but with added durability. Can come in a variety of colors.

Least Expensive:
Vinyl — Not the most durable but certainly one of the most affordable. Comes in many varieties. 
Stone Veneer — Looks like the real thing but is cheaper and easier to install, especially in small sections.