Use Your Spring Break for Spring Cleaning

If you and your kids have a week off, you could use it to spring clean your home together!

Spring Clean These Yourself

  1. Dusting: Dust everything, top to bottom, including baseboards and ceiling fans. 
  2. Washing: Wash all towels, blankets, duvets, pillow covers, sheets, kitchen linens and even curtains if they are machine washable/dryable.
  3. Closets: Ask every family member to try everything in their closet (and dresser) on, and if it doesn’t fit get rid of it. Then have them organize what’s left.
  4. Windows: During the day, open all the curtains on your windows and the sun will help you heat the room. But at night, make sure all your curtains are closed to trap the heat inside. ProTip: Place a sheet of bubble wrap over your windows to let light in, but add another layer of insulation in the winter.

Hire a Pro For These

  1. Windows: Inside is not so hard, but cleaning the exteriors of your windows can get tricky especially on the second floor.
  2. Gutters and roof: Again, some of this, albeit messy, is not too hard, but higher up could be more dangerous.
  3. Compressor and Blower: Get your air conditioner ready to go with a simple inspection and cleaning by professionals
  4. Trees: Even your trees need cleaning, well, trimming. A tree service can sculpt your big trees properly for growth, and keep you from dangerous heights.