What to Look for in a Neighborhood

If you are planning ahead for a move, there are specific aspects of an ideal neighborhood that should be considered before making a decision. When you know what to look for, you can identify prospective neighborhoods that meet all of your criteria. You might even discover a few neighborhoods that you didn’t know about!

School District
The local school that your children (or future children) might attend is an important factor to consider. It is one of the biggest reasons that people move. Research schools online and in real life. Look for test scores and ratings that indicate a successful school. Talk to the school about sports, arts, and after-school programs, as well as community involvement. The school’s active community can tell you a lot about the neighborhood.

Are there plenty of green spaces in the area? Sidewalks for walking your dog — maybe even a dog park? Is there a public playground or pool for families? Look for the greenspace amenities that mean the most to your family’s lifestyle, from hiking trails to accessibility accommodations.

Driving or walking
Will this neighborhood be far from your work, or other places that you frequent? Sometimes an ideal neighborhood is one that offers a live/work/play walking lifestyle, where you can walk or bike to work, school and stores. Walking to a restaurant for an evening meal might be just what you’re looking for in a neighborhood!